Justice Doesn’t Mean Righteousness

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Justice doesn’t mean righteousness, embodies a critical spiritual reflection that should impact all believers.God does not care about justice the way many people think he does. How does this surprise you? I guess a lot. People do not understand the difference between justice and righteousness. A just man will control one important parameter. Who deserves what? [[A quality earthly distinguishing characteristic must be expressed for justice to be calculated]]. The righteous man on the other hand controls another more important human parameter. Who needs what? [[A need must always be expressed in the direction of right]]. The separation between they that work justice and they that work righteousness describes a special class of beings in the earth called the meek.

Image Justice doesn't mean Righteousness

You shouldn’t have both. Kill justice for Righteousness sake because justice has been put to an open disrepute by abundance of mercy.

In the Old Testament, justice was the more important of the two considerations. If you did the things that caused a system to notice and reward its elements accordingly, then you were the best. You had to learn to do what they did and be a master of how they did what they did. If all these things were put together, then you were a complete success. It does not matter how others fared and failed.
However, when Jesus introduced mercy, justice was put to shame. His mercy went above all suggestions of justice.The one that deserved was challenged to think beyond himself; another standard was set because the ones that deserved were no longer the most outspoken. Jesus portrayed another nature that said only one kind of language; the language of love whereby all will have chance at reward by mercy. Notice however that without justice coming first, there is no need for a call to mercy. If there was no mercy, working justice will still be the greatest spiritual standard regulator.

THE biggest INEQUALITY GAPS IN THE WORLD ARE CREATED BY JUSTICE; the treatment is righteousness.

Justice with GOD is a justification.

Every last human being actually has more weight than all your money put together. Justice with GOD is a justification.

Justice without righteousness cannot stand where God is king. This is because our God is a God of mercy who will tamper justice with mercy. He will not give you what is deserved, instead because of righteousness, he will give you another name and another chance to start all over again. The truth is that you did not deserve anything in the first place; and the important PARADOX is that, you learn to be” just” but you are not taught to work righteousness. You can only receive the ability to judge right by the Spirit of God. That is why many “church goers” are still wicked and cruel.
Take for example the nations of the world. Many of them are poor while a few are blessed with many natural, human and material capabilities. Does this now mean the ones that do not have these things should suffer poverty, shame and disgrace? The answer is No. God’s design has put in place all these differences for one important purpose. To implement a training onto righteousness for all that should be perfected. All that have come across mercy (received freely by grace) therefore are judged negatively if they do not judge right.

When God blessed a man called Abraham in Gen12:1-2, he made it clear why he blesses people. So that the blessed ones become blessings as well. Today, the world is highly divided into pools of poverty and lack. Meanwhile a privileged 1% comfortably live in affluence controlling 50% of the wealth on earth. The justice of it is that they own all these things either by inheritance, talent or other legal means. The righteousness of it all is that they were handpicked among many to have these things. God expects them to use this opportunity to reach out to the rest. But no, they won’t do any such thing. This inequality gap therefore keeps increasing everyday.

Many people are enjoying the good things of life and wondering that others came to accompany them enjoy themselves. They are in big trouble. Nobody deserves anything more than the other, and nobody is so undeserving that all should condemn him or her. As long as a man can change his ways, his life can be changed for good. This is the reason why all of humanity is in the earth, to receive the ability to judge rightly as our father does. Learn to justify other people (declare others worthy of the same things you now have; thereby including them in all your spending plans) and your life will open up to righteousness.You will not need a special prayer for this to happen. The least you can do is to participate in the tithe Fellowship. Do not be condemned to eternity without God with only one question. What did you do with the talent I gave you?

When I see Christians in the midst of some activist organization trying to fight for human JUSTICE, I often say to myself “these ones are lost”. Often because they are conveying a message of equality and of justice at the same time. They fail to realize one thing “the inequalities that plague our world will never stop because of the practice of justice”. Only righteousness can destroy all human inequalities. If everyone learns to let go some of the things they so deserve, many others will receive what they do not deserve. They will learn to honour a God of righteousness. God is a king and in this kingdom, righteousness is in the nature of all its reigning authorities. Justice on the other hand is a transiting element only after righteousness fails to inspire and teach. Justice then comes back again to punish and condemn.

Do not worry yourself that injustice is thriving around you. I tell you firmly that all injustice will be judged in the light of righteousness. If you are a Christian, stop running up and down with protesters and all that team up to fight for equality of any kind.  Rather take off and set up a place to pray for righteousness to reign. The devil is using people to destroy themselves because they want to be put first on the deserving bench. God has no business with this plan. He is not a God of Justice in the earth.

IMAGE; Seeking to work justice is a waste of time.

No matter what you do, where and when you do it, you will NEVER be in a position to decide about justice.

If you are a politician, activist or some leader positioned to commit justice to come to a people, do your job faithfully but know that what you do is not in anyway changing your status of righteousness. God will not judge you about righteousness concerning your job. Righteousness will never be about justice in the earth. Only individuals are called to deliver righteousness; and this righteousness depends on what you have and know.
Justice is the cause of inequalities because the “just and more deserving partner” takes everything leaving others with nothing. Righteousness on the other hand teaches us to give everyone his/her needs and stop there. The rest of all other things happening in the earth are not important to God. God gave us all the wealth, the talents the knowledge not because we were more deserving (an injustice to the poor, the less talented and ignorant). The only service you can render back to God is not by claiming a right to justice (that alone will make you unjust).

When you receive righteousness into your Spirit, you will not stand before God to say you deserve anything (Luke 12:13-14). You will also consider what things others deserve as you think about your own needs and give them priority “benefit of the doubt”.
God’s seed that is in us is a seed of righteousness. Justice is also just another directing instruction towards implementing righteousness. That is why the bible doesn’t say the just shall live by justice. They shall live by faith (Rom 1:17). This means we can only say that all excellent earthlings that are now “just” are merely on a path of faith. These should not be people that will secure wealth and privileges for themselves at every stop point talk less of working in deceit (2 Tim 2:5). They must ensure that righteousness dominates the dictates of justice.
Stand with them that do justice only as long as they do right. Be no party with men running up and down talking justice as a directing or pointing standard. The devil is good at working justice with a clear motive to destroy right. He does not truly care about justice either. Do not consider the justice in a thing above the righteousness therein. If you are contented that you have all things and your neighbor has nothing (and this means nothing to you) then of course you are not reading the word of God and putting it to practice (Rom 10:17). A Christian is one that trusts that the lord will NEVER fail to deliver justice. Do not hurt too much about the injustice, place righteousness always above justice.  Our God is a God of the living.

IMAGE; instead of BECOMING JUST work Righteousness

There is no point seeking to do justice by yourself. Only God is just. Instead, work Righteousness and receive God’s nature.


There is no point trying to fight for justice because you will never become just. The start and end of all earthly life has been submerged in injustice. The moment you realize this, you will seek only righteousness. Work righteousness and become justified. When you serve others, righteousness will seek you as a reward.

Only God is just and therefore the one who justifies all that seek his kind of justice (righteous justice). [[WHY? Righteousness is a “justifying justice”. When you decide to justify people by giving them what they do not deserve, you too are a candidate for justification.]]

All the others seeking to deliver justice are running after the wind and will get nothing out of their toil under the sun. The righteous man thinks he does not deserve the good things of life by himself. He is therefore always grateful to an external system that put together all the necessary factors that engineered his success.

Any system, group or individual that owes thanks is undeserving. Such a system is already a liability of justice since all men that are born into the world admire and seek the good things of life. Why do you think you deserve the nice things of life and others do not? Only a selected FEW get access to priority positions and fine things.The man that thinks he deserves justice is ungrateful for he thinks first of all that he should be put first and others last. To work right, put others first as did Jesus Christ the righteous lord.

Like Jesus our lord did [[While the people waited for someone that will free them from the troubles of the flesh, he was concerned about liberating the human spirit from all forms of envious lusts]], carefully pass-by all earthly systems that stand to propagate and serve men with tangible Justice. God alone is the judge of all flesh. Do not obstruct his judgement by not putting righteousness at the forefront. We judge together with God only with spiritual judgement (1Cor 2).

Anyone that is not seasoned in giving of thanks will never learn to love correctly. Only a righteous man can love correctly. The man that seeks only justice without righteousness always has a heart set on earthly things.

The most provoking and heartfelt prayers especially during my youth were said for other suffering ones. I will pray at such moments and weep bitterly “father make life possible for them” or often “father what type of nonsense is this?”. The righteous spirit does not say “Ooh I’m also suffering with my many responsibilities, let others suffer too” or sometimes “if I give them much of what I have, I may also become poor like they are now”. No. The just live by faith because the lord is strong and mighty to deliver and to reward they that trust in him.

Gen 15:1 Fear not, _____________: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

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