90% Tithes in the RTS project

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 How to get involved in the 90% tithes
IMAGE; 90% tithe.

The 90% tithes is the generator of the minimum tithe.

The RTS formula teaches the different uses attributed to the tithes collected in all Christian churches and used for the sanctified as per the tithes fellowship. This information has been clearly elaborated by the Holy Spirit and should be learnt and taught to all Christians accordingly.

The RTS project makes use of the 1% tithe of the tithe to manage the 90% tithe distribution in all Christian churches. The 9% tithes also being used in the churches from the church tithe to coordinate the churches. In all things the purposes of God is working his righteousness through serving one another. Every leader or Christian that has come in contact with the teaching on the giving perfection should seek to become perfect. Charity is the bond of perfection (Col 3:14). God is a father to us because he gives (John 3:16) and without a life of giving we cannot be perfected. Jesus was perfected after he gave his life on the cross. If h tells us to be perfect, then we can be perfect (Matt 5:48)


The intention here is to reinforce the tithing system so that all children of God benefit from it. Several steps are involved.
STEP 1 -We create functional units within our churches to cater for the 90% tithes “daily distribution” which is the RTS project in the enlarged church.

STEP 2 -We encourage the brethren to collect and pay each 1/10th earnings in all our churches. Notice that we are basing our reasons to maintain the scheme because we want to promote the services rendered to God through his Holy Spirit resident us.

STEP 3 -90% tithes representing a set aside sum from the total amount collected in all churches is paid back equally to every member of the church irrespective of their initial contributions (remember we are one spiritual body and our spiritual demands are equal).

STEP 4-The present organisation of our churches and the flexibility to work with financial institutions perfectly suits the adaptation into a financial model. For records and payments to the local RTS offices only Pastors and leaders will be allowed in order to avoid congestion although in big cities brethren could be allowed to pay in finance offices).

STEP 5 -At the level of the churches it can be coordinated by the cell leaders who appoints (depending on number of tithers) each at their level treasurers to redeem and to disburse tithes back to all brethren. Tithe redistribution back to brethren is done only in the cell during one of the cell meeting but could also be done by electronic payment if charges can be shunned. The first factor to be considered when transferring down to the cell level is the population because this will depend on how many members are eligible to receive.

STEP 6– We supervise as pastors and leaders the different operations for collection, administration and distribution in our respective churches. Provide support using the church tithe to motivate members of the church tithe bureau. Such staff are voluntary but could be recruited as RTS local staff if need be.

STEP 7– Evaluation meetings should be held on monthly basis to access the finance situation and prepare a report to be submitted to the church and then to the local RTS office for onward transmission to higher offices.


You can choose to pay your tithes online into the RTS tithe account after keeping it in a private account of your choice. In this case, fill the form by adding 100% tithe in the portal “type of tithe”. We expect tithers online to belong to the group of people that are currently not in any form of tithing project within their churches presently.

Such persons already tithing in their churches can only desist after the end of a full tithing season (three years) if their priest (pastor) refuses to cooperate in redeeming the tithe and honouring the lord as the word directs.

Tithing 100% tithes online will not be redeemed by the tithers. In order to redeem, such tithers will first of all enroll into the PMTI to be fully equipped to follow the lord and eventually graduate. After this, the RTS will link them to the RTS redeeming network which has the same monetary value as the church minimum tithe. For the purposes of the RTS project, only churches pay 1% tithes. Individuals will pay the full 100% tithes (some 10% of their earnings either net, gross or super tithes). Read more in the book “Holy Spirit’s Money and or write to us for any clarifications. The Holy Spirit is the lord of the harvest.

The 90% tithe is the total amount of money used to generate the minimum tithes. This amount is shared to all Christians within the required norms as explained on the RTS Manual. Download this manual from our free online library.

Learn more through the RTS Faqs.

Also study the RTS Formula.


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