Good Samaritan Blossom (GSB)

The GSB at work.

That your father be glorified by your good works;

The GSB is an ally and partner to perfection ministry international registered as an association to work in various domains of human endeavor. Holding the other end of the perfection towards the world, the other view of things of good report; be them provision of social services like hospitals, portable water, food, shelter, education, the fight against social ills accompanying our globalization in particular and or peaceful solutions to conflict situations.


We may not be experts at doing just everything or changing all that goes wrong. However, the full message of our lord’s gospel is not completed until Christians line up and stand with them that suffer even if this stand is only symbolic by our conscious acts of belonging. For every single situation of human need, there is no place for a lukewarm position in the family of God (Rev 3:16). The bible says we are gods (Psalms 82:1-6) to the world and we should answer the prayers of them that seek our father.
The GSB will update us with all happenings around the world and help us reflect on how to approach them with Godly solutions. To partner with this vision, contact us.
Glory to God.