RTS International Jobs

All jobs are in form of renewable contracts, see the RTS manual for more information and to work out your credibility.

The administrative departments are responsible for putting in place the ground work required by the technical and field departments. They run the resources available for use at all the levels.

Technical departments master everything about the functionality of the RTS project at the different levels. They engage in useful interactions with all other offices to provide support and also towards delivering all the anticipated results. They are supported to do so by the administrative department.

These are they that relay from a background of biblical strength knowledge required to cause all actors of the churches to adhere to the RTS project and produce results. They are the ones that reach out to Christians and church leaders with the teaching on the giving perfection. They are therefore expected to have learnt enough through the different available structures such as the PMTI and RTS trainers program. They are hired and used all over the world to foster the RTS goals. However, the technical and administrative departments still require people with adequate and sound understanding of Christianity.


RTS jobs

Job application profile for the RTS project.

By filling the online application forms, the RTS international office retains your information for use at any level of its network. No matter the chosen level of application, the applicant will still require to carry out field activity from his/her area of enrollment. As such, ensure that you update your profile regularly. The competitiveness of your application depends on the type of job you are applying to do. Field assignments will favour applicants with prior experiences to a large extend on trainers’ program activities. Participation in the PMTI will also become an important consideration.
All applications should be sent through this mail address pmi@perfectionministry.org.

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The Christian church community is hereby informed that in the RTS international office certain positions are advertised. All interested candidates should remain on the alert for submission of their credentials to the sub-directorate of research; Permanent secretariat of the RTS. For more information contact by email the RTS project through info@perfectionministry.org.