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General Questions: RTS Project FAQs

What is Perfection?

Perfection is a fulfillment. The most important message to a child of God concerning the study of perfection is about charity: the bond of perfection (Col 3:14). Giving is in the nature of God (John 3:16) and this must become the same for all his kids. Perfection is the process of learning the God-giving maturing after becoming born again in order to inherit our promises from the father. There are three important aspects of perfection linked to the key message of giving. Every elect of Christ has received the grace of perfection.

Can a man become perfect as the father?

Yes (Matt 5:48);

such are they that appropriate all truth. God proposed a covenant with Abraham based on spiritual perfection (Gen 17:1)

How many levels of sanctification exist?

Three. Rom 12:2. The good, the acceptable and the perfect. The perfect sanctification is rewarded with the highest honours (Rev 3:21). Notice that if there is a king (s), then there will be high profile officers and servant categories as the case may be.

Did Jesus require perfection?

Yes (Luke 13:32). He was perfected unto obedience (all that obey after him are perfected unto him)

What is the difference between individual and church (spotless bride) perfection?

Church perfection is a fulfillment of scripture and a gateway to the next age. Individual perfection (which also contributes to the church perfection) is a prophetic transition through the living eons.

Is It necessary to be Perfected?


God our father is perfect. We cannot be like him if we are not perfected like Jesus (Luke 13:32). However only those who receive the revelation of perfection can attain this perfection. Perfection ministry teaches the path towards perfection and fulfillment. This is also interpreted as a process of bringing Jesus to the scene. Although there exist three divine sanctification levels, the father is interested only in the perfected ones. All the others to him are babies in the spirit.

Who is a Levite?

A Levite is a sanctified person; today the Levites are the born again stewards of God’s love in the earth (Jer 33:22). Levite is a generic term for the family of the sanctified of God’s household. As such there are three classes of Levites representing three levels of separation or sanctification. However, all Levites are priests in their own right because they can minister praise to the father.

Who is a priest?

A priest is a Levite of the second level of sanctification. Many true pastors fall in this category.

Who is a high priest?

A high priest is the perfected level of sanctification of Levites. Jesus is High priest not from Levi but from Judah. He sealed many into this sanctified perfection (the bible refers to them as the elect of Christ who rule with him). These alone have conscious fellowship with the father. Only these mature ones can reign as kings in the regeneration.

What is God’s Golden Instruction to his Followers?

God’s instruction to every person that is his child is to become perfect (Matt 5:48). It is the last instruction when all other instructions of truth are correctly transmitted to a man’s spirit.

Matt 19:20…All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet?

Do not assume that you will be perfected while traversing the continents of the world in an air-conditioned private jet. I tell you, nobody will attain perfection without paying the price. Jesus in his life on the cross was a separation from the corrupting influences of earthly possessions, Paul in a life completely dedicated to the lord received the perfection of having the mind of Christ. Abraham in let go of his only son Isaac, also willed unto perfection Gen 17:1.

The rich young ruler on the other hand (Matt 19:20) could not receive it although he was given it. Do not be like the rich young ruler, let go the things that keep you bondage to things of this world, especially the ones that do not belong to you. Perfection lies in giving everything we can to the lesser.

Matt 19:21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

Why is it so Important to tell the Truth?


The truth of the bible is as defined by its greatest character Jesus Christ. We agree that the more influence you have on people, the greater you become. I am influenced by Jesus and he therefore is greater than I am. I can only become great in his greatness by communicating his ideas and plans. I cannot put a blackout on some parts because of personal interest and think that this will help change me in any way.

How are Levites of today DECEIVED?


As we discussed before, lies are not always false affirmations, they are mostly made up of incomplete information or deviated communication. God is pleased with a man only when that person says everything there is to be said even if he/she loses everything. Many pastors today fall in this category of false teachers.
The “men of God” tell you that you for example that you are a chosen priesthood (1 Pet 2:9). They do not go ahead to tell you that Levites in the bible never paid tithes.
They also do not tell you that Jesus asked that nobody should trouble the children about tithes.
They do not tell you that our spiritual tithes were paid while we were in the loins of Abraham (Gen 14:20, Heb 7:1-10)

Is RTS part of what should be Fulfilled before the End Comes?


This is one way the church of all Christians will become one and then will await the lord’s coming. Jesus our lord gathers his own sheep together before coming back. I listen to his voice and ask you to do same with other Christians around you. Do not create love boundaries around any Christian “business denominations”. Children of God are not delimited by doctrines but by the vision of perfection or fulfillment (Heb 6:1, 1 Cor 13:10)

What are the Roles to be played by Christians that are not presently active in Christian Churches?


I advise such Christians to register in the Perfection Ministry Training Institute of Discipleship using the online portal. You do not need any money to do the complete course except when you need a certificate.

Questions on Tithes RTS Project FAQs
What is tithe Mismanagement?

The RTS defines tithe mismanagement as any use of tithe money by an officiating Christian church minister who does not recognize the instructions of God concerning the tithes fellowship.

Is God angry at 'Men of God' for Tithes Mismanagement?

The Holy Spirit reveals that the time to stop this disobedience has come (Luke 21:22); this situation of disobedience was prophesied and ignored for the time in scripture (Luke 5:39). Also, they have trained themselves to rebuke the great army of God that is presently sent to execute  righteousness of judgement on the earth (Joel 2:25).

How do 'Men of God' Offend God through Mismanaged Tithes?


  1. Mal3:8; they are stealing the tithe of the tithe meant for the Holy of Holies, inner chamber or treasure house.Understand that these different sanctifications though working together are also functionality separate(see Heb9:1-11). This portion of 1% is for the high priest and is presently used for the RTS funding all over the world as a perfection or fulfillment of the law. The priests have no right over this money.
  2. They also steal the 90% tithes for the Levites (covenant of Levi Mal2:8), this portion is supposed to be shared to all Christian (Duet 14:22-29,26:13) who are the sanctified ones and represent Levites in our time.
  3. Some of them do not treat their associates well with proceeds of the tithe and therefore also steal the church tithe.
Why not Stop the Tithing Altogether?


The lord says he did not come to abolish but to fulfill the law. Only the ordinances of the law were nailed to the cross and wiped out (Col 2:14). All aspects of the law that do not fall in the class of ordinances (obedience with no bearing to love) must be fulfilled or perfected.
The covenant of Levi (Mal 2:8) does not fall under the class of ordinance because it teaches and trains children of God how to fellowship and share with one another as designed in the law (Duet 26:13). This is the New commandment of Jesus when he asked us to love one another (John 15:12)

Questions on Churches RTS Project FAQs
How many churches are concerned by the tithes fellowship?

All Christian churches.

Can someone by sharing Tithes in his/her local church only be able to keep the Good Law Prophesied in Matt 5:17-18?


The body of Christ includes all the sanctified in the body of Christ. Individual church doctrines cannot segregate the perfected ones (Heb 6:1-2)?

Who is Authorized to Tithe in Today's Church?

All Christians willing to participate in the end time fellowship of Levi; fulfilling scripture. Refusal to participate however will not be a choice with God.

Which churches can participate?

There are three types of churches involved in the RTS project depending on their registration and participation level. All churches are advised to start doing their individual tithes fellowship among themselves and join others later.

What if sharing the tithes makes it difficult or impossible to run the participating church?

It is better to do the word of God than to succeed in the eyes of men. Discuss this kind of obstacle with the leaders of your church how to make up the gaps when tithes money is used to do the things of scriptural impetus. What is happening now no matter the results is a blatant disgrace to the family of God.
Preaching the gospel with only selected scripture is living a lie. Christians will not stumble at the law when the truth is explained to them as per the RTS project. They say 9 things that are true, secretly hiding one last truth.  Even the devil uses scripture. Get rid of the lies and the truth will set all free.
Pastors should stop enriching themselves dishonestly or doing their presumptuous “good things” with tithe money. It is the will of God that we are transparent before God and before men. That the world may see in us the breed of truth from the father (the one that has power to cast into hell). There is no private loyalty to God that is not by serving through an accountable stewardship. I tell you, do not even hide behind the anointing (a big debt you acquired from God) to think that you are spared of judgement.
I am also anointed and sent to tell you this with witness of the Holy Spirit. I presently have no special interest that someone should like me for the things I teach, I am just doing my job.

What should church pastors do to perfect their churches in giving?

They should register with the RTS project and start redeeming tithes to benefit all Christians.

How do churches get registered?

Churches can be registered by completing our online Church Registration form. Writing to the project offices to receive specific details.

If a pastor has several church branches under his/her supervision should all branches register separately?

The RTS project map provides registration to zonal churches which are limited to fixed geographical arrangements. The church leader or pastor registers the name of his church assembly but the RTS numbering is tied to the RTS project zones of the world. The RTS project therefore needs a guide from the church pioneer or leader to register churches by zones and assigning leaders in them.

Can Churches participate in the RTS functioning?


The project belongs to the church. All Christians and church leaders should follow the RTS manual to see their responsibilities and also to build their functional skills. They should not hesitate to apply for positions in the project.

How do churches participate in functioning?

Study the RTS manual and other available online material free of charge to connect.

Questions on Sinking Fund RTS Project FAQs
What is Sinking Fund?

The sinking fund is the security fund that is derived from contributions in churches that accumulate in all tithing seasons of three years.

What happens to the Sinking Fund?

It is liquidated after each tithing season by the churches to carry out their local charity projects.

How is Sinking Fund Managed?

The sinking funds support the monthly church redeeming process when the said church redeems in deficit and also helps to save funds for each tithing season. It is managed by the church pastoral team headed by the administrative priest.

Questions on Tithes RTS Project FAQs
What is the Distribution Formula for Tithes?

The formula is 1:9:90. Click to read more.

What is the RTS Tithe?

The RTS tithe is 90% of the tithes which is used to support all Christian churches in the world to generate the minimum tithe for distribution in churches.

What is Church Tithe?

The church tithe is 9% which is calculated from the pastor’s tithe of 10%. The remaining 1% is the tithe of the tithe (Neh 10:38) for the RTS project.

What is Pastor's Tithe?

The pastor’s tithe is the tithe from the Levites. It is 10% of all the collections received of all 10% received from Christians.

When is the time to apply for the different positions and responsibilities?

Apply Now, inquire now, start working even now.

Unanswered Questions RTS Project FAQs?
What do you do if you have unanswered questions?

Contact the RTS Permanent Secretariat and ask your question. Or you can get to the RTS Project FAQ’s forum and Start a topic there.