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Redeeming Tithes Scheme(RTS) Project

The RTS project which is the Christian Redeeming tithes scheme(RTS) is a sharing and distribution platform for all tithes. Registered Christian through this project have the opportunity both to contribute money and to receive money. The rich ones supporting the poor and the fellowship in the covenant of Levi (Mal 2:8) reinstated in fulfillment of scripture. Thus the main aim of the RTS project to fulfill the law (Matt  5:17), but also notice that the windows of heaven are not opened (Mal 3:10) because the treasure house (most Holy place or inner chamber) is still presently robbed (Mal 3:8). The administrative priests of our day still collect and use tithes for other seemingly things that have nothing to do with the word of God and or his instructions thereby.

This treasure house depends on the priests who should pay 1% to the high priests after having fellowship with LEVI. The RTS project also by causing the tithe of the tithe to be paid will also unblock this deadlock of the treasure house (study the free online RTS manual to understand more). Both pastors and Christians alike will be helping the church towards eternal things when you decide to register and  participate in this project from any location in the world. Do it now.

RTS project is special

Participation in the RTS project is an assignment of God’s children.

The RTS Permanent Secretary (PS) is the coordinator of the RTS project at international level.
Two sub-directorates of the permanent secretariat carry out important functions.
>>Sub-directorate of Research: Responsible for receiving and treating applications for accreditation of New Christian churches and assignment or redistribution of geographical territory to RTS regions. The trainers program and PMTI are attached to the research office.
>>Sub-directorate of Translations: Is responsible for proposing and translating RTS teaching into other languages and reaching other territories of the world
The Permanent secretariat is extended to regional and sub-regional secretariats through the corresponding coordinators who are also members of the corresponding boards.

The Administrative block  comprises the different operational departments of the RTS project that run the redeeming scheme on a daily basis. The administrative block of the international office is open to all actors of the project including the Permanent secretariat, ICB, the international operational departments and consulting bodies. Decisions made here are binding to the project at the level of implementation (see RTS Manual).


To participate in the RTS, find out if your church is CURRENTLY confirmed, registered or accredited and ensure that you conform both to the financial and spiritual criteria of the project. If your church is not currently enrolled, you can discuss this with your pastor or register with the Perfection Ministry Training Institute  of discipleship (PMTI) to become affiliated directly with Perfection ministry. Notice that to redeem tithes you may be eligible in three months only if you follow the church track.

Download church registration form to register RTS church regis forms.

You may also want to start a carrier with the RTS project, Download the Registration form HERE RTS regis trainer forms

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Dr. Petchu Charles is anointed by the lord to empower the church of Jesus Christ towards achievement of eternal success. He is called to research and teach all hidden spiritual truths that will galvanize Godly perfection as directed by the Holy Spirit. Trained a Medical doctor, he holds a MSc degree in Health Economics Policy and Management, He lives and works in Cameroon.

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