RTS Trainers Network

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RTS trainer comprises the pool of excellence in the RTS project concerning all the relay of the highest quality training in the implementation of the project PARTICULARLY to the churches and other catchment fields. As disclosed in the RTS manual, such are the experts classified to be used within the project to carry out consultancy jobs and to fit into the different strategic responsibilities of the project. Download the RTS TRAINERS GUIDE

Download Guide

Linked to the RTS project is the important aspect of making rich operational information to reach the churches (church track). Empowering churches that are enrolled or accredited to start implementing the project in their churches. Setting up of a team of experts to interpret the contents RTS books at small and then at large scale (RTS track). This is a training ground for prospective high profile workers of the project.

RTS Trainers are a network of serving leaders.

RTS Trainers work together to assist churches and project actors to deliver results.

The RTS trainers are recruited from the enthusiastic team of vision bearers that work with the PS and get a clearer picture of the vision of perfection ministry. They may either be volunteers, technical or hired experts of the project as the life of the project evolves but the bulk of trainers are Christians in RTS affiliated churches. Only participants that are endorsed by their accredited pastors and or have completed the online PMTI course will be accepted for this position. A candidate can otherwise cause his church to register while seeking to become registered as a trainer.

Trainer Registration

To register as a trainer in the RTS trainers’ program, fill an online registration formalities. Download RTS regis trainer forms and submit tTrainer email

Remember your pastor will have to endorse your registration by providing the church registration number where you are currently worshiping. The research office will in tend send a letter informing him of your registration.

Download Form

Direct registration into the trainers’ program RTS project can also be applied to interested graduates of the Perfection Ministry Training Institute of discipleship. Contact us attraining at PMTI

All interested persons should fill this information online.


They are either used as consultants, trainers and or supervisors in the RTS network.The different RTS offices should make use of the human resources accredited by the resource department of the RTS and finance their activities within their budget constraints. The selection process of trainers should be transparent making sure that all actors are informed beforehand when to apply and their expectations. They should not discriminate between members of different churches. The sub-directorate should be informed about the chosen criteria for selection in all churches.
Churches that are far off can send an expert to the training meetings. This person will then shoulder the responsibility to carry the training to different regions of the world, helping churches to be aware and participate.
Supervision of the work of these trainers and trainees is assured by the Permanent secretariat through the research sub-directorate which is linked to the training institute of the perfection ministry. Trainers undergoing training in the RTS project might also find it of interest to register into this online training course of one year at RTS trainers stand a greater chance to function at all levels and in all available capacities of the project.

Volunteer Opportunities not only for trainers

To all potential volunteers:

We would be delighted to consider you for current volunteer projects. SO if you are interested in volunteering with us here at Perfection ministry. Please Contact us.

We always have needs in three areas:

  • Translation– translate articles from English into other languages (any)
  • Contacting new churches and new lands
  • Programmers– We are working on a multiple discipleship tool and apprentice site. We specifically need web help ie: HTML,CSS and PHP for development and break/fix issues.

Additionally, we have project openings in many areas. So please, contact us and let us know what abilities you have, and how you would be interested in volunteering with us.

We do not ask that volunteers agree with our doctrinal statement(s), but we would like to have a copy of your testimony (how you came to faith, and where you are in your walk with Christ now) in order to help you discover plain ground to decide our progress together.

Thank you for considering volunteering with Perfection Ministry and being a part of our ministering to the sanctified of Christ around the world!


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Dr. Petchu Charles is anointed by the lord to empower the church of Jesus Christ towards achievement of eternal success. He is called to research and teach all hidden spiritual truths that will galvanize Godly perfection as directed by the Holy Spirit. Trained a Medical doctor, he holds a MSc degree in Health Economics Policy and Management, He lives and works in Cameroon.

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